Planned Giving

Heritage Society Members

The Heritage Society recognizes friends who wish to advance the mission of Peconic Bay Medical Center and continue the legacy of outstanding care at the medical center. The Society acknowledges those who remember Peconic Bay Medical Center in their wills by the creation and support of planned gifts.

Mary Ann Alexander
George Auer
Freear Pollard Barnwell
Dorothy Bendel
Henny Berglund
Reneé and Barry Brandeis
Barbara H. and Richard V. Brown
Alice F. Bruno
Robert M. Burns
Leah Bythiner
Barbara Carpenter
Duane V. Conklin
Emilie R. and Michael R. Corey
Richard S. Corwin
Helen and David Cullen
Phoebe and John A. Cushman
John M. Czygier, Esq.
Helen Duryea
Edna Eifert
Robert Entenmann
John F. Fafinski, Jr.
Harold H. Fanning
John James Fisher
Cyril B. Fitch
Elsie G. Friese
Karl A. Friese
Hope D. Furnivall
William and Helen Gardner
Irwin Garsten
Maggie A. Gilliam
William R. Griffith
H. Lyndon Hallock
Mildred V. Halloran
Lizette F. Hand
Marion A. Hoag
Morton Hochheiser
George Hubert
Joseph M. Irom
Henry H. Jagger
Judith A. Jedlicka
Mildred C. Jewett
Alfred P. Jobson


Bold - living


Mary Kane Hayes
Margaret D. Lange
Edna and Ira Lavey
Joan Levan
Marvin Levan
Frederick W. Lipfert
Nancy B. and Douglas A. Lobel
Robert A. Lorelli
Concetta S. and Louis Mancuso
Gee Gee and Hamish Maxwell
David J. McCann
Shannon B. McCann
James W. McFarland
Frances McNally
Helen Moran Warren
Esther O'Keeffe
Elizabeth A. Overton
Esther F. Patrick
Virginia E. Payne
William D. Roberts
Alfred Robinson
Margaret Rolle
E. Wallace Rothmayer
Georgette Rubinstein
Hazel L. Ruland
Gisele and Joseph Schueller
Jeanne M. Shaffery
Margaret E. Shane
Lillian M. Shea
Karl Stevens
Claire B. Strub
Carol Talmage
John Talmage
Henry R. Talmage Trust
Eva Terry
Marion C. Terry
Mehran Topoozian
Henry B. Tuthill Revocable Living Trust II
George Wilson, Sr.
Charles W. Wolseley
Cyril Wulforst
Judy C. Young


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